OpenDebs Community Repository

What is the purpose of OpenDebs?

OpenDebs is a new community repository focusing on accessibility for developers. The goal is to offer a service that lets ANYBODY upload and host their packages. OpenDebs plans to be a reliable, easy to work with, and clean repository for the jailbreak community. Offering support for Sileo and Cydia, OpenDebs wants to make the tweak hosting process seamless. We do not and will not host ANY packages that are NOT open source or free. There is no signup requirement or pre-requisites to use the service. Just some rules.

What makes this repository different from other repositories?

OpenDebs is a repository focused on providing the best the community has to offer. We have a few base guidelines that all packages must follow. Packages must be Open Source and licensed under a Free Software Foundation approved license. Packages must be free and remain so. You can host a free or demo version on OpenDebs of a paid package however we do not and will not offer paid packages. Packages must be original content and all credit must be given to the people involved. We want to be as transparent as possible. All packages are moderated before being accepted for submission.

If I don't need an account how will I edit my package?

OpenDebs generates a unique token on each package once accepted to the repo. You will receive an e-mail with your token to edit your package. This token will only be availabale to you and will be able to be regenerated at anytime.